Waiting List Application

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Animal Information

Litter Information

$75 Surrender fee for litters.
Please share a detailed description of your pet that highlights their unique personality, favorite activities, and any special traits that make them endearing. This information will be invaluable in helping us find a loving new home where they can thrive.
Could you please explain the reasons you are surrendering your pet? Understanding your situation better will aid us in ensuring the best possible outcome for them.

Please provide at least one picture of the animal. Avoid uploading images that are screenshots of originals to avoid black bars and mobile UI elements. Full and/or cropped images are fine.

Be sure to blur, pixelate, marker over or otherwise anonymize anyone in the frame with the animal. Your provided images will/can be used to promote the adoption of the animal.

By applying to our waiting list to surrender an animal to our shelter, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to the terms and conditions of the Waiting List Policy located at https://www.bridgehome.org/policies#waitinglistpolicy

Key points of our Waiting List Policy include:

  • Pets are accepted on a space-available basis only (as determined by the staff). There is no guarantee your pet will be chosen.
  • A surrender fee is required, along with a fee for each additional vaccine that needs to be administered upon intake.
  • Donations above the stated fee are greatly needed and most appreciated. The Bridge Home No Kill Animal Rescue is non-profit and relies on donations.
  • You will be called to bring your pet to the rescue once staff determines that your pet can be accommodated (determinants might include: size, breed, age, temperament, etc.).
  • Pets who are spayed or neutered will receive priority status when space becomes available.

We are not the only animal welfare agency in the area. In addition to being added to our waiting list, please check other agencies (visit Petfinder.com or adoptapet.com) to maximize the chances of re-homing your pet.