Texas Best Choices Animal Rescue - Intake Request Form

Please complete this TBC Animal Rescue Intake Request Form if you are needing assistance with re-homing or surrendering your dog, or if you have found a stray dog that you can't provide shelter for. You MUST complete the below information below in order to be added to our wait list. We will get back to you after submission of this form. Like the majority of pet rescue organizations, we remain at maximum capacity 99% of the time. As one of very few no-kill shelters in Hunt County, this can mean that you may need to remain on our wait list for a few days or weeks before we can try to assist you. Unfortunately at most county shelters, surrendered pets stand very little chance of being adopted quickly enough to avoid euthanization (less than one week). That's being said, we always try to help.

Please let us know why you are surrendering the dog. If you need help with a found or stray dog, please explain when and where the dog was found.
Please indicate a date that you need to surrender the dog.

Texas Best Choices Animal Rescue is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization
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