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Are you completing this form because you are worried about the cost of keeping your dog, or because of a change in circumstances resulting from the cost of living crisis? If so, our Keeping Hounds in Homes Project may be able to help. Click here to find out more

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It will help us to help you if you attach photos of your dog. These should be in 'Landscape' orientation (Turn phone sideways!) rather than portrait or square


We normally ask for a £150 donation towards costs such as vaccination and neutering, however we understand that pet owners in particular may not be able to afford this.

Do you feel you would be able to make a donation, either in full or at a reduced amount?

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Please tell us something about your dog, its nature, likes, dislikes, its history and why you need help in re-homing it. The more you can tell us the better are the chances that we can match the dog to a potential adopter

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