Small Animal Adoption Application

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Are you looking to adopt a small animal from the Brooklyn Cat Cafe?
Please fill out the form below.

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We want to get to know you.
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Housing Information

Household Information

It's crucial to us that all roommates are in agreement about adoption.

If you're not sure about allergies, please confirm with a physician before the adoption.

Other Pet Information


Please include cage dimensions if applicable.

Employment Information

Looking Forward...

When you travel, who will be caring for your pet(s)? Please give details of how often they will come over, or if you plan on boarding, where?
No one wants to think about this, but it's important that there is a plan in place.


Please note references should not be family members, current roommates or significant others.

And Finally...

Note: There is an adoption donation required to cover vaccines and routine veterinary care that we provide. Generally we have adopters visit the cafe and meet the small animal they are interested in, sign the adoption agreement, and collect the adoption fee.