Intake Form (English)

Intake Form - English*

Please provide complete and accurate information about your dog. Incomplete information may result in your form being rejected.

***Remember we do not have a shelter or sufficient capacity to take a dog you rescued and find a foster home for it. You must be responsible to foster the dog while we are searching for a permanent home.

We will get in touch with you as soon as we have a opening in our program.

While you wait for us to contact you, please click here to read this page for important information about our program.

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If the dog is fostered someplace other than your home, you are responsible for insuring it is fed, watered, taken to the vet, socialized and prepared for adoption. Our volunteers will also need access to the location in order to do a home-check.

If the dog is not fostered with you, then please describe where it is fostered.
Name of the dog
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Describe the dog's personality.

Personality of the dog

History of the dog

Describe where it was found and its condition; how long you have had it.


Our program offers a clinic only 2x a week - so if your dog is in need of urgent care, get it to a vet right away.

Final steps

IMPORTANT! We are a team of volunteers who operate strictly on donations, and we do all that we can do to help dogs. By submitting this Intake form you are asking for a dog to be accepted into our Adoption program. We have a limited number of dogs that can be in the program at one time. The process of getting them adopted takes time and depends a lot on how prepared the dogs are for adoption. We could bring in more dogs if we had more volunteers. If you want to get your dog into the program and adopted sooner, please consider volunteering. We have openings right now for volunteers. Go to our volunteer page and fill out an application here:


Rescue Guidelines and the Ten Best Practices for Rescuing are excellent resources to get you started.