Volunteer Application (English) - Version 2.0

Volunteer Application - English

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If you are not sure which area you are interested in, you can see a description of volunteer opportunities here.

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Your location

Since people volunteer from all over the US, Canada and Mexico, it helps us to know at least the city you are located.

Note: You will need to figure out your own transportation as our volunteers will not be able to provide that for you. La Paz has Uber, InDriver, Didi and public buses.

Areas of interest

See an explanation of each role here. Because some of these positions require more extensive training than others, there may be a minimum duration requirement.

Hands on with the dogs:

Transportation - Sending & Receiving Dogs:
Other hands on:

Working with the public to educate and inform:

We need help launching these programs. If you have experience as an educator or presenter and can help get these programs initiated, we would love the help.

Helping with adoptions:

Supporting rescatistas:

Behind the scenes:

Other areas:

Please check your form over to make sure we know how to get in touch with you to process your application. When you are ready, just click on the submit button below: