Sam Coffey Animal Rescue Friends Adoption Agreement

Address: PO Box 619, Junction, TX 76849

Phone: 325-757-1447

  • I understand that once an adoption fee is paid in full, that fee is non refundable.
  • I agree that the above described animal is being adopted by me solely as a pet for myself and/or my immediate family. I agree that I will not sell, give away, abandon or otherwise dispose of said animal to any person(s), dealer, retailer, auction, humane society, animal control, institute or any other entity for any reason. If at a later date I am unable to keep this pet, I agree to first contact SCARF, and they will be given the opportunity to reclaim said pet at no charge. I understand that if there is a transport fee to get the animal back to Texas for SCARF to adopt out that I am responsible for that fee. I understand that any potential adoptive family the adopter would like to transfer ownership to must fill out the same adoption questionnaire as well as this contract and the final decision shall be SCARF's.
  • I hereby agree to allow and respond to inquiries, either by email, text, or phone calls, to ensure that the above described animal is adjusting well and is happy. This is also to assist you, the adopter, and to answer any questions or concerns you might have.
  • I hereby understand that the above described animal can be reclaimed/taken back if any part of this contractual agreement has been broken and/or the above described animal is not cared for
  • I understand that the animal I am adopting is a rescue and that SCARF has done their due diligence in properly vetting said animal. Any and all medical care after adoption is solely my responsibility and SCARF has no responsibility in the future vetting or care of this animal after adoption.
  • My adopted SCARF animal will NOT, under any circumstances, live only outdoors.
  • My adopted SCARF animal will continue to be on flea and heartworm medication, as well as have their yearly vaccines at my expense. It can take up to 6 months for a dog to test positive for heartworms. At the time of adoption, I understand my adopted animal has tested HW negative. It is my responsibility to keep my adopted animal on HW prevention in order to ensure they continue to be free of heartworms.
  • I agree to contact SCARF if my adopted animal goes missing, or if I wish to relinquish the animal. I understand that if I am no longer able to care for my SCARF adopted animal, that I will contact SCARF immediately. I will not sell or give away my SCARF animal. I will commit to fostering said animal until another foster or adopter can be found.
  • I understand that the health, age, nature, breed or temperament of the SCARF adopted animal is not guaranteed. I understand that said critter is a rescue that has come from the streets or shelters and there is no history on this animal
  • I agree to hold SCARF and all volunteers harmless and under no accountability for any liability or damage.
    SCARF is not liable for loss, damage to personal property or harm to any person or animal.
  • I agree that signing or typing of my name below serves as agreement and release of all conditions stated.
  • I understand that by signing this form I may be subject to a background check and screening.