Foster Care Application

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Cayman Islands Humane Society
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* I understand that there is a danger inherent in handling animals and that I agree to hold harmless the Cayman Islands Humane Society from any injury or loss that I might suffer as a result of fostering an animal. The Cayman Islands Humane Society will not be held liable for any sickness or treatment of me or my own pets resulting from the foster animal.

* I understand that the foster animals are in my care only and that I cannot give the animal to any other person(s) either for fostering or adoption without prior consent from the Cayman Islands Humane Society. Should I be unable to continue fostering the animal, I will inform the Foster Manager immediately.

* I understand that the Foster Manager and/or Humane Society Shelter Manager and/or any member of the Board have the right to remove the animal from my foster care at their sole discretion should they deem fit.

* I am required to contact the Foster Manager regularly to advise on the condition of the foster animal in my care or if I have the slightest doubts as the foster animal's condition.

* If I am interested in adopting the foster animal in my care I must apply through standard adoption procedures.

* By acknowledging this you hereby expressly agree that any loss of, injury to and/or death of any of the animals in your care or under your control may result in any future adoption requests/applications being denied at the sole discretion of the Humane Society.

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