ADOPTION APPLICATION - Cocker Spaniel Rescue


Thank you for considering adoption and saving a life! Please check your email and spam folder for messages from our applications team. IMPORTANT NOTE: PLEASE CHECK YOUR INFORMATION CAREFULLY PRIOR TO SUBMITTING. Any mistakes or missing information will result in a processing delay. Average processing time is about two weeks. Questions? Contact
If the dog in which you are interested in is not available, will you consider adopting a different dog?
Please use the following format 248-555-1212
Please enter correctly as this is the main way we will contact you
List all of those used for the last 10 years. If you have never owned a pet please tell us where you would go, if possible. We can recommend if needed.
Address for vets used for the last 5 years for your pets. If none used, let us know if you need a recommendation for one.
Phone number for all vets used for your pets in the last 5 years.
We will need photo's of home, yard & fencing along with you coming to us to meet the dog, if you adopt, dog is required to be transported only in cabin if flying and you are responsible to bring dog back into rescue if it doesn't work out.

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: As part of the adoption process, our organization does follow-ups on our placements. We will call and, if we deem necessary, do a home visit. You also understand that the adoption is not final for 30 days following placement. During that time, you are fostering our rescue. We reserve the right to void the adoption and pick up the dog.

People adopting cockers from Cocker Spaniel Rescue must understand that the organization has no background information on the animal's previous environment, behavioral problems (if any), and medical history. We can provide a current behavioral evaluation and medical history only.

Some diseases have long incubation periods, and a negative test is not a guarantee that the animal does not have a certain disease.

Introduction of a new animal into a home with existing animals carries a certain risk that must be assumed solely by the adopting party. Cocker Spaniel Rescue cannot be held liable for damages that may result from such an introduction. We are an organization operating as a community service with the intent to do only good and no harm.

Your signature on this agreement is your promise to have your Cocker protected from canine heartworm. In addition you promise to provide food, shelter, love, and all medical attention your pet requires. In the event that you are unable to keep your Cocker, you are required to inform Cocker Spaniel Rescue as soon as possible and to keep the animal until we can find a suitable home or return the animal to us. When you adopt an animal from Cocker Rescue, the cocker will have a collar and id tag. The tag is registered to this organization. You are strongly urged to have your own id tag made immediately. If the animal is picked up and traced to our organization because your tags are not on it, you may not get your pet back. We accept very few excuses for "loose" animals.

Cocker Spaniel Rescue of Austin/SA PO Box 27453, Austin, TX 78755