Volunteer Information & Agreement

Thank you for considering volunteering for Cocker Spaniel Rescue of Austin/San Antonio.

THANK YOU...for your interest in joining us as a volunteer.

As a CSRA Volunteer, I pledge the following:

To perform CSRA rescue and support activities on a voluntary basis, receiving no compensation for myself or any other organization for tasks performed.

To assure that any Cocker Spaniel in my care is treated humanely, receiving any and all care authorized by CSRA.

To conduct myself in a professional manner when representing CSRA, to accurately represent CSRA policies in communications with others, and to refrain from representing CSRA when expressing personal opinions.

To maintain records of all activities and financial transactions performed as a CSRA Volunteer and to make them readily available to CSRA Members and Officers when asked.

To make myself familiar with, and share information about, Cocker Spaniels including the breed standard, typical and instinctual behavior, common diseases and genetic defects, negative drug interactions, and appropriate standard of care.

To assure that no CSRA dog will leave my care without being spayed or neutered or, in the case of young puppies or dogs with a medical condition that prevents surgery, without a signed binding agreement that the dog be spayed or neutered as soon as is medically recommended.

To fully disclose all known information regarding medical condition and temperament about any CSRA dog in my care, or that I am familiar with, to other CSRA volunteers, rescue groups, and potential adopters.

To provide, or identify another CSRA Volunteer to provide, follow up advice and assistance to adopters and owners of Cocker Spaniels and to assure that they receive help with training issues and behavior questions.

To require every adopter to return the adopted Cocker Spaniel to me or to another CSRA Volunteer if they can no longer keep the adopted dog for any reason. I will always accept the return of a dog that has been adopted from CSRA and immediately contact a CSRA Rescue Coordinator to make arrangements for the dog.

To never use the CSRA name to sell any puppy or dog.

To never give or sell, or knowingly allow another CSRA Volunteer to give or sell, any CSRA dog to a research facility, breeding operation, pet store, dog broker or any other individual or corporation who might cause the dog physical or emotional harm.

To share my concerns with a CSRA rescue coordinator if I believe that any Cocker Spaniel in the care of another volunteer is not being treated humanely or is not receiving care authorized by CSRA or is being exploited in any way.

To refrain from any activity that could jeopardize the status of CSRA as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

By signing this document I state that I have never been arrested for, or convicted of, animal abuse.

In volunteering to work with Cocker Spaniel Rescue of Austin/SA(CSRA) I consent to abide by all terms of the CSRA Bylaws, the CSRA Handbook, the CSRA Volunteer Code of Ethics and all other policies approved and implemented by CSRA.

I fully understand and agree to assume all risks involved in any and all duties that I perform for CSRA in my volunteer capacity and I agree to hold CSRA harmless for any injury(s) that I might sustain during the course of my volunteer duties.

This waiver does include myself, all of my family members, heirs, and descendants forever from seeking any legal action whatsoever against CSRA or its representatives.

I agree that I am over the age of 18 years old.

Cocker Spaniel Rescue of Austin/SA PO Box 27453, Austin, TX 78755 woof@austincockerrescue.org