Working Cat Adoption

The following application is for working cats (cats intended to reside primarily outside in a barn or other building). Cats in the program are typically feral or undersocialized and are not suitable for adoption into a traditional home.
If you are looking to adopt a cat as a family pet, please complete our regular adoption application found here

Our facility is located in Findlay, Ohio.

**Please note, our facility is located in Findlay, Ohio**.
In order to adopt a Working Cat, you are required to travel to our facility to complete the adoption process.
If you are searching for Working/Barn Cat programs in a different state, include your city and state in a web search to help find your local animal shelter.

Please provide the address the cat(s) will reside

Please contact us at 419-423-1664 for help with getting other cats spayed or neutered

Cats adopted as outdoor/barn cats will require a 2 - 4 week transition period.
(two weeks minimum, 4 weeks preferred.).
  • Cats will need to be housed in an enclosed area, room, stall, or large dog crate within the barn/building they will be residing.
  • During confinement, cats will be provided with food, water, and a litterbox.
  • Cats will need to be cared for daily, including providing fresh food and water, and cleaning their litterbox.
  • After the transition period, the cats must have free access to the barn/building to come and go as they please.

Large dog crate may be available to loan for the transition period if no other area is available

Due to the unknown availability and intake of working cats, we may or may not have cats available at the time you submit an application.
Your application will remain on file and you can be contacted when suitable cats are available for the Working Cat Program