Volunteer and Mandatory Community Service Sign Up

Because the shelter deals with live animals, we must limit the volunteer opportunities based on age.
This is for the safety of every volunteer, but also the safety and wellbeing of the animals housed onsite.
Each position is accompanied with specific time commitments, qualifications and a brief list of duties that helps our volunteers maximize their time and best benefits the shelter.
Helping Strays will require that the time commitments be honored and met for anyone interested in that specific volunteer role.
It will be required of all volunteers to pledge a three-month commitment to Helping Strays in the volunteer role, pledging to volunteer 1-3 hours each week, or 2 half days per month (depending on position requirements).
If someone is interested in volunteering but cannot make the necessary commitment, that individual's request to be a volunteer will not be honored.

All volunteers will be required to attend a volunteer orientation before being eligible for a specific volunteer role.
Orientations will be held a minimum of once per month. During orientations, potential volunteers will learn about the shelter and how volunteers help support the staff and mission.
Potential volunteers will also receive a tour of the facility to familiarize themselves with the organization.
Upon completion of the orientation, the shelter will coordinate training and start dates.
Please note - some positions will require additional training or evaluations before the volunteer is permitted to volunteer on their own.
I hereby give Helping Strays permission to verify any information that has been provided on this application and I attest that all information is true and valid to the best of my ability.
Thank you for providing this information.
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