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1) I agree that I must comply with the following requirements and that failure to do so may result in the animal being reclaimed by the SPCA of East Texas.
2) I agree to return this animal to the SPCA of East Texas should I become unable to keep him or her for any reason.
3) I understand that my new pet has been given a clean bill of health. by a veterinarian. I further understand that the SPCA of East Texas cannot guarantee the future health of my adopted animal. I understand and agree that, if my pet should develop a serious illness, I am responsible from this date forward.
4) I understand and agree to have my pet vaccinated annually for rabies and distemper/parvo according to local ordinances. I further understand that my pet must be spayed/neutered if not already. I agree to keep my new pet in a properly fitted collar with an attached identification tag to be worn at all times.
5) I understand and agree to provide recommended amounts of food and fresh water to my pet on a daily basis. I further agree to provide veterinary care should it be needed in a prompt and responsible manner. I agree that my pet will be humanely confined in the manner required by the city/county ordinance. However, at no time will my pet be chained, tethered or tied up as a means of restraint.
6) I understand that heartworms are ultimately fatal for dogs. I agree to provide heartworm preventative for the duration of my pet's lifetime.
7) I understand and agree that the SPCA of East Texas may perform a follow up visit with me and my adopted pet. Should the care and conditions for this pet become unsafe or unhealthy, the SPCA of East Texas may reclaim ownership of this pet without refund.
8) In consideration for adopting a pet from the SPCA of East Texas, I hereby release, waive, discharge and covenant not to sue the SPCA of East Texas, its officers, servants, agents, volunteers and employees.
9) By signing this agreement, I acknowledge there are potential risks and hazards connected with adopting a pet. I hereby elect to voluntarily assume and accept all responsibility for adopting and caring for this animal from the SPCA of East Texas.
10) I am at least twenty-one (21) years of age and I have read the foregoing release, understand it, agreed to abide by it and am signing it voluntarily at my own free will.
11) I hereby certify that all information entered is true and I understand that false information my result in nullifying this adoption.

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