Barn Cat Adoption Inquiry

Thank you for your interest in adopting from Kitten Rescue!

PLEASE PICK A BARN CAT(S) FROM OUR WEBSITE before submitting this form.

A volunteer staff member will get back to you within two days of submitting this form to set up an appointment to complete the adoption process.

1) You will provide an adequate safe and warm shelter in a covered building, to provide the cat(s) a safe place to protect themselves from predators and the weather.
2) You will provide fresh food and water to them on a daily basis.
3) You will provide Long-term Vet care as needed.
4) The Barn Cat(s) are not to be sold, traded or given away.
5) The Barn Cat(s) MUST BE SECURELY CONFINED FOR AT LEAST TWO WEEKS to establish their territory and insure they will remain on the property before releasing them to roam.