Dog Adoption Application

Thank you for your interest in adopting from I Heart Dogs Rescue. Please complete the following adoption application in it's entirety. Please note that any falsification of information will cause your application to be rejected. This application is for adoption ONLY. If you are looking to FOSTER a dog, please fill out our foster application here. Before beginning, please note the following requirements:

Once we receive your application, you can expect to...

• Receive a confirmation email
You should receive a confirmation message to the email address listed on your application. So long as you have received this email, you can be confident that we have received your application!

• Speak with an Adoption Counselor
If we think you may be a good match for the dog you applied for, one of our adoption counselors will be in touch to ask additional questions and discuss animals of interest. All approved applications will move to the next step. If you are not selected for the specific dog you applied for, you will recieve an email within a week or two. Feel free to let us know if you are interested in a different dog; there is no need to submit another application!

• Meet the Dogs
Meet one or more of our fabulous furry dogs to identify a match for you to adopt! If a connection is made and you decide that you want to adopt, your application will proceed to the next step.

• Vet Check
We will contact your veterinarian to ensure that your present, and even past, pets have been provided with proper care.

• Home Visit
Some of our dogs may require a home visit to ensure they are being set up for success! When one of our trained volunteers conducts a home check in your home, our goal is to ensure that the environment is safe and secure to successfully welcome your new dog. We will identify areas that pose a risk with the dog escaping, hazardous materials within the dogs reach, and provide tips to the entire household on the role/s everyone can play in setting the dog up for success. Please note that the dog will not come to your house during the home visit! Once the home check has been successfully completed, your adoption counselor will schedule a date and time for you to come adopt your new pet!

• Timeframe for the adoption process
Our commitment is to do our very best to complete the entire adoption process within one week; however, we ask for your patience in accommodating unforeseen circumstances that may surface during the process which may prevent us from achieving this goal. You should hear from us regarding your application within 48 hours of submitting it, but it may take up to a week.
There is no need to check on the status of your application prior to that.

Please use the following format 248-555-1212
Please enter correctly as this is the main way we will contact you