Foster Carer Form

Thank you for your interest in becoming a West Australian Pet Project (WAPP) foster carer! Once we receive your completed application form, a volunteer will get in touch to arrange a home check to ensure suitability for cats and/or dogs. Based on the information you provide we will attempt to match you with a foster animal that best matches your situation. In the meantime if you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Applicant Details

Emergency Contact Details

Your Home Details

Fostering Details

Please Note: Cats MUST be kept inside or contained in a secure cat run at all times. They are not to free roam or be allowed outside uncontained.

As a foster carer I agree to:

  • Adhere to all instructions in the Foster Carer Manual’s.
  • Adhere to the WA Pet Project Privacy Policy.
  • Adhere to the WA Pet Project Code of Conduct and WA Pet Project Social Media Policy.
  • I will not discuss confidential information regarding WA Pet Project with any person outside of the organisation.
  • I consent to having my personal information shared within the organisation to other volunteers of WA Pet Project Inc.
  • Ensure foster dogs wear a collar and ID tag with the WAPP phone number at all times.
  • Ensure foster dogs are kept on lead at all times when not at the above listed property.
  • Ensure foster cats are never allowed outside unless in a completely secure cat run/enclosure.
  • Accept all responsibility for the foster animal in my care while on or off the above listed premises.
  • For the period I am fostering the pet they remain the sole property of West Australian Pet Project Inc and I will not attempt to register the animal in my name or rehome the animal outside of WA Pet Project.
  • Provide the animal(s) with suitable care, including providing adequate food, clean water, and shelter which is appropriate for the size, age and weight of the animal.
  • All food, medical and other supplies provided to me by WAPP are used only for the foster animals under my care.
  • In the event of an emergency with my foster animal, I will immediately contact the Foster Coordinator on 0435 817 067.
  • My own pets must be vaccinated and I accept they may be at risk of injury or contracting a disease from contact with my foster animal. If this occurs, please notify WAPP, however medical costs may not be fully reimbursed.
  • All medical treatment for my foster animal must be through WAPP approved vets using the booking number system as described in the FOSTER CARER MANUAL. Only costs approved by WAPP will be covered.
  • A booking number must be received prior to taking my foster animal to the WAPP approved vet.
  • If my foster is taken to a non-WAPP vet without prior approval I am liable for full costs.
  • I understand that I may be held responsible for the costs of any medical attention my foster animal requires should it result from deliberate negligence or abuse whilst in my care.
  • I fully understand and agree to assume all risks involved in any and all duties that I perform for WAPP in my volunteer capacity. WAPP is not liable for any injury(s) that I might sustain during the course of WAPP duties or resulting from a WAPP animal.
  • Under no circumstance will I place a foster animal into another person’s care or attempt to rehome the animal without prior written approval from WAPP.
  • I will not under any circumstance leave young children unsupervised with a foster animal(s). Nor allow them to walk the Foster dog.
  • If I am no longer able to care for my foster animal I am obligated to give a minimum of EIGHT weeks notice to allow time for the animal to be placed with another foster carer.
  • WA Pet Project Inc. reserves the right to remove their animal from my care at any time.
  • WA Pet Project Inc. reserves the right to discontinue adoption proceedings at any time should the need arise.

By signing and submitting this document I declare that all information provided above is true and that I have read, and will abide by, the Foster Carer Agreement above.