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This is for initial identification purposes only, we DO NOT store numbers or copies of identification on file.


These questions are to help establish the suitability of the pet to your situation.

I've considered my household situation:

1 - The number and ages of people living with this pet.

2 - The number of existing pets in the household is within council regulated limits.

3 - Nobody in my home has allergies to fur or has Asthma.

4 - I own my property or rent my property and have written permission from the landlord to keep a pet.

5 - All of my windows and doors are screened and the cat can't escape outside.

6 - I can get an outdoors enclosure so my cat can roam safely outside.


I have discussed these issues with store staff:

1 - Other pets; species, breed, age, temperament, any dominant personalities, desexing status.

2 - Any previously rehomed pets that didn't work out.

3 - Length of time this pet will be alone each day.

4 - Options for my pet if I have to move house.

5 - Options for my pet if I go on holiday.


I know Furry Friends cats are indoors cats and agree to keep them indoors or in an outdoor cat enclosure during the day/night?


The following questions are to help you think about your commitment to adopting a pet.

I know that I will need these supplies for my pet before collecting them.

* Cat carrier for cat trips (QLD Transport requirement)
* Separate litter tray and litter
* Recommended premium dry food and wet meal
* Bowls for water and food
* Scratch posts and/or toys
* Bedding
* Veterinary approved flea and worm treatments

One litter tray per cat, plus one extra. They love clean trays!


I have considered the following issues.

1 - I understand regular vet visits will be required to maintain my cats health and will book my cat in for their next vaccination.

2 - I understand to initially keep this pet separated from existing pets and to introduce this pet to the others slowly.

3 - I understand this animal is now part of my family and is now my responsibility.

4 - I understand the potential costs associated with owning a pet, and I know about pet insurance options to help with the cost of vet treatments.

5 - I know I'll receive my microchip registration documentation about two weeks after I bring my pet home.

6 - I understand Furry Friends may be one of the alternative contact numbers on the chip registration in case the pet gets out and the vet or pound can't contact me.

7 - If I have to rehome my adopted pet due to my circumstances changing, I will contact Furry Friends for help if I'm unable to find a suitable home myself.


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Your new pet has spent time in a loving foster carer's home prior to arriving in-store. The foster carer may be in contact with you to check on your new family member's progress.

Thank-you so much!