Volunteer Application

Thank you so much for wanting to volunteer with The Furry Paws Foster Inn!
People like you allow us to to continue the work we are doing, saving animals.

If you are not 18 or over please do not continue. We cannot accept volunteers under 18 for liability reasons. However many young men and women help by raising money, blanket, food and toy drives. We would love your help. You do not have to fill out this application to contribute in other ways.

Because you are under 18, we need your parent's/guardian's permission to volunteer.
Please continue the application so we know what you are interested in helping with and we will contact your parent/guardian via email for them to submit an application as well.
We cannot accept volunteers under 18 for liability reasons without parents/guardian's consent.
We use a Facebook group & messenger for most of our volunteer communication. If you do not use Facebook, there are still many great opportunities to volunteer.

As an Furry Paws Foster Inn (FPFI) Volunteer:

I will treat all animals and other volunteers with respect and I will work as a team member with all volunteers, Volunteer Leaders and Board Members.

I will abide by all FPFI standards and agree to follow the directions/instructions of the FPFI Board Members/Committee Managers and report any problems as they arise.

I will always represent FPFI in a professional manner.

I understand that I will be volunteering at my own risk and that the organization, it's Board members or any affiliates, cannot assume any responsibility for any accident, injury or health problem which may arise from any volunteer work I perform for the organization. I hereby waive, release and forever hold harmless FPFI and its officers and affiliates from any claims of liability including, but not limited to, claims of negligence and/or injury to me or any member of my household arising out of my participation in the Furry Paws Foster Inn Inc. Volunteer Program.

I understand that all FPFI volunteers and fosters are required to complete a Hold Harmless Waiver and Non-Disclosure in order to volunteer with FPFI. This document will be reviewed during my initial volunteer conversation, and I will not be able to volunteer or foster with FPFI until the form is completed, signed and returned.

I agree that all the work I do is on a volunteer basis and I am not eligible to receive any monetary payment or reward.

Volunteers must be at least 18 to volunteer with our organization. If you have a parent or guardian that might have an interest in volunteering with you or give you permission to volunteer with us, they could submit a volunteer application and once approved, you would be able to volunteer. Volunteers under the age of 18 must be under supervision by one of their parent/guardian or by 2 Board members/volunteers over the age of 18.

I certify that the above information is true and understand that false information may result in nullifying this application.