Working Cat Application

Thank you so much for wanting to give a furever home to a working cat!
These cats cannot go back where they came from and need a new home as an outdoor working cat.

Heat lamps, fans, heater, etc.

When adopting a barn kitty from The Furry Paws Foster Inn (FPFI) I agree to the following:

I will confine the cat for 3-4 weeks in a crate or cage (may be provided by rescue) or other secured structure until acclimated to its new environment.

I will provide the cat adequate shelter, water, and daily food during and after the acclimation period.

I will monitor the cat's overall health and not allow it to suffer from injury or disease.

I understand that FPFI makes no claims as to this cat’s behavior/personality and will treat it as a feral animal with respect to its interacting with people.

I agree to allow any agent of FPFI to conduct a barn home visit to verify the cat’s well-being. I accept that FPFI may reclaim the animal is there is any evidence of abuse or neglect.

I agree to contact my adoption counselor within 4 weeks to arrange return of all supplies loaned for the acclimation process.

I certify that the above information is true and understand that false information may result in nullifying this application.