Rehoming Application

We are sorry to hear that you need to rehome your loved pet. We don't mind helping you find them a new forever home.
We cannot guarantee this would be a quick process but we will definitely get them listed and go from there.
Please fill out the form below.

Because you have selected you are rehoming more then 1 animal, please fill out 1 rehoming application per animal trying to rehome.

This allows us to quickly and easily upload the animal in our animal software to put them up for adoption a lot quicker.
Most cats are domestic short, medium, or Long haired.
If not cat or dog choose any color that matches.

Likes, Dislikes, personality
Please read the following:

I understand in order for my pet to be available for adoption, I must stay in contact with the Furry Paws Foster Inn Representative via email and/or text messaging.

I understand that The Furry Paws Foster Inn may not have room to take my animal and I am willing to "foster" my pet until a new home is found. If I need immediate help at any time, where I need to surrender right away, I will contact my local animal shelter.

If anything changes with the adoption status of my pet, I will let the Furry Paws Foster Inn Representative know via email.

I understand that all adopters that see my pet associated with the Furry Paws Foster Inn, will be required to fill out an adoption application and be processed like it is one of their own foster pets. Once the adopter is approved I will receive their contact information to schedule a meet and greet. From there I will decide if the adopter is the best fit for my pet and will let Furry Paws Foster Inn if the animal did indeed get adopted by the adopter.

I understand I must sign a non-disclosure agreement with The Furry Paws Foster Inn.

I understand that Furry Paws Foster Inn makes no claims as to my pet's behavior/personality and I will personally be liable for my pet until the new adopter takes over responsibility.

I understand for an adoption and for liability to be transferred, the adopter will sign an adoption agreement between them and I. I will provide a copy of the adoption agreement to Furry Paws Foster Inn to keep on file. (Furry Paws Foster Inn can provide an agreement for you to use)

I understand the adoption fee for my pet must match The Furry Paws Foster Inn Adoption fees, unless I already spoke with a Furry Paws Foster Inn Representative and we made an agreement on an adoption fee. I will let the adopter know before meeting my pet what methods of payments I offer. For The Furry Paws Foster Inn's time and energy to help find my pet a new home, I agree to make a small donation.

I understand that I will supply the new adopter records of all vaccines that are current on my pet. If my pet is not up to date on vaccines or fixed currently, I agree to give the full amount of the adoption fee to The Furry Paws Foster Inn so they can work with the new adopter to get the animal it's vaccines and/or be spayed/neutered.

I certify that I read, understand, and acknowledge the above statements and would like to follow through with rehoming my pet.