Owner Surrender: Litter - Athens Animal Rescue Shelter

We are only able to accept surrenders from Henderson County residents. The surrender fee for a litter is $100 for up to 6 then $10 for each additional animal. If the puppies/kittens are still nursing, the mom can be counted as part of the litter. If you want to surrender a mom who is no longer nursing, the fee is an additional $75. We follow a managed admission philosophy for all incoming animals. This simply means we request all customers schedule an appointment before bringing an animal to our facility. Managing the admission of of animals helps us plan and prepare, instead of react, and allows us to save more lives. We understand that making the decision to surrender a pet is very difficult. Answering these questions honestly will not stop the Athens Animal Rescue Shelter from admitting your animal. It will help ensure that we are able to provide the correct care and let prospective new owners know their preferences and habits. Please help us to help your pets.