Humane Society of Kodiak Feline Surrender Profile & Release Form

Answering these questions honestly will not stop HSK from admitting your animal but will ensure that we are able to provide the correct care for your animal. Please help us to help your animal.

Owner Information

Pet Information

Pet Health Information

Home Information & Social Behavior

I acknowledge my understanding of, and agreement with the following terms and conditions that govern the relinquishment of the above described pet
I understand that I can contact the Kodiak Animal Shelter at any time to check the status of the pet that is being surrendered. I also understand that it is my responsibility to update my contact information with the Kodiak Animal Shelter.
I herby release the Humane Society of Kodiak and its employees, staff, agents and/or representatives from any claims or demands that I have, or my have, that (a) may be connected with the above described pet; (b) may arise out of the Humane Society's care of the above described pet; or (c) may arise out of the Humane Society euthanizing this pet.