Bermuda SPCA Dog Application

Adopting a dog

BERMUDA SPCA - APPLICATION TO ADOPT A DOG FROM THE SPCA Thank you for completing the form fully. Please note we can only take forward fully complete webforms, which need to include a scan or photo of your ID (such as driving licence) as an attachment. You will also need to provide confirmation from your landlord, if you rent, that you are allowed pets. If you are unable to complete these online, you are welcome to do so by hand at the shelter during opening hours (see below). You can also complete all or part of the form online and then click to print (Ctrl+P, rightclick+print etc for Windows, Command+P for Apple) and then bring this version with you. If you are interested in a dog of restricted breed, the SPCA would legally need to refer you to the Animal Wardens for an additional Property Check. Please have a look here: for more information on restricted breeds. Please remember to inform us if you adopt an animal eslewehere so we can remove your form and not contact you. Many thanks.
|Must be 18 years or older to Adopt

SPCA SHELTER: 32 VALLEY ROAD, PAGET, PG-05. (441) 236 7333. All dog adoptions are subject to a property check by the SPCA, and in the case of a restricted breed, or if you already have 2 or more dogs, a check by the Animal Wardens.