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Terms for Application Submission

You must read and agree to the following terms before 'signing' and submitting your application.

I/we understand and agree to the abide by the following:

Utah Friends of Basset Hounds retains ownership of any foster bassets in my/our care.

I/we understand that UFBH will reimburse me/us for all pre-approved veterinary expenses incurred by fostering should there be any.

I/we understand that UFBH will consult with me/us regarding long term care, surgical procedures or euthanasia as a result of terminal illness but UFBH will retain responsiblity for making all necessary decisions.

I/we understand that UFBH will provide an identification tag which MUST be worn by the foster basset at ALL times.

I/we agree to notify the Foster Coordinator should my/our foster basset escape from my/our home.

I/we understand that UFBH has no substantial prior knowledge of the the foster basset hound's temperament and health.

I/we will take all neccessary precautions to protect myself/ourselves and others that may come in contact with the foster basset.

I/we understand that the basset hounds in need of fostering may have been exposed to contagious diseases, and, therefore, I/we will keep all my/our dog(s) vaccinations current. UFBH will not be held liable for property damage or harm to persons or animals caused by the foster basset while in the foster home's care.

I/we agree to provide food, water and shelter to the foster basset for a limited but undetermined period of time.

I/we agree that the the foster basset hound will not be removed from my/our address or disposed of in any way without the prior approval of UFBH. I/we will not transfer possession without approval.

I/we will report signs of aggression, behavior problems, and illness in the foster basset to the Foster Coordinator immediately. I/we understand that UFBH will remove the foster basset in a timely manner if requested and/or if it is in the best interest of the basset hound.

I/We agree to house the foster basset within my/our house and I/we will not leave him/her to sleep or eat outdoors. I/WE agree that we will not chain, stake or tie the foster basset outside.

I/we agree to not physically abuse the foster basset. I/we agree to not use shock collars on the foster basset.

I/we understand that should I/we decide to pursue adoption of the foster basset, UFBH will send me/us an Adoption Contract that I/we must sign and return with the appropriate required adoption donation.

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