Volunteer Application - Siamese Oriental & Snowshoe Cat Rescue

Thank you for offering your time, once submitted you will be contacted by email from one of our volunteers. Be patient with us as we are a 100% volunteer organization.

If you are not 18 or over please do not continue. We cannot accept volunteers under 18 for liability reasons. However many young men and women help by raising money, blanket, food and toy drives. We would love your help. You do not have to fill out this application to contribute in other ways.
Be sure to put the state code in front of the license #, please!
We would like to put a face with a name.
(Plays, socializes, grooms etc)
Home Office Assistant (Assist with home data entry of pet information, volunteer info, etc)
See our fostering information and application for more information
Please include interest in activities like Event planning, solicitation efforts, grant writing, donor searches, Public Relations, etc.
Application intake (help review, send out references and contact potential adopters)
Assist with Social Media (Creating videos, publishing on social media sites)
Please provide three personal references who know you well, can speak to your good character, and who have observed you caring for, and interacting, with your current or previous pets (or if this is an application for your first pet, how they believe you would be as a pet parent). None of them should be: * related to you by blood, marriage or share a household with you * your significant other * your current veterinarian (a former retired veterinarian is fine) * someone you supervise or who reports to you at work Your “in case of emergency” person can give you a character reference if they are not one of the above. Only one reference may be from a co-worker. At least one reference must be from someone who knows you other than socially (e.g. a current or former teacher, professor, peer or supervisor at work, volunteer at a non profit, neighbor, etc.). Please be sure to provide both a contact phone number and an e-mail address. We prefer to do the initial reference checks by Text or email for cost reasons but if we do check by phone, it will usually start with a text stating their name and a link to an online form. If they prefer to do it by phone, we can do that as well.
Besides any of the volunteer opportunities listed here, are there other ways or skills you can use to help out.