Foster Application - Siamese Oriental & Snowshoe Cat Rescue

Proof of ID and address is an integral part of your application and we cannot confirm any adoption without this. Please upload your driver's license or passport as confirmation of your age and address.
Please note: we do not ask this question in order to pass judgment. Siamese cats can be prone to asthma, and if we have observed a cat or kitten wheezing, we would hesitate to place them in a home with a smoker for fear that this could trigger asthmatic attacks, which would be traumatic for you as well as your pet.
Note: Please specify ANY allergies to any cat or cats. If you believe your or their allergy will not be triggered by a specific breed of cat, please explain the basis for your reasoning.
(tell us if you have isolation capabilities, multiple rooms, do you expect all cats to be underfoot, use play pends, can you offer us mother and newborn care?) *
Please provide the names and contact details below of two people who would do this for you in an emergency, in your home or theirs.They do not need to be permanent members of your household so long as they live nearby. If you were unable to resume caring for your pets in the foreseeable future and needed to rehome them, your emergency contact would need to be willing to assist with the logistics of working with us or another rescue to rehome your pet(s). Please complete this information in full. We had an adopter not long ago who slept through her wake up alarm and her phone on the morning she was due to meet her cat’s transport. Her emergency contact had to go round and wake her up so she could be on time!