Application (short) -Siamese Oriental & Snowshoe Cat Rescue & Rehoming Adoption Application

Often times, something happens to an adopter and our cats or kittens are left with no home. We like to know upfront so that when someone reaches out to our rescue, we are able to provide that information.
Please list their address, phone number and email address.
Please list their name, address, phone number and email address.
Please use the following format 248-555-1212
Please enter correctly as this is the main way we will contact you
If you have never owned a pet please tell us where you would go.
Again if you have never owned a pet please list where you would go
Please note: we do not ask this question in order to pass judgment. Siamese cats can be prone to asthma, and if we have observed a cat or kitten wheezing, we would hesitate to place them in a home with a smoker for fear that this could trigger asthmatic attacks, which would be traumatic for you as well as your pet.
Select all that apply.
None of them should be: * related to you by blood, marriage or share a household with you * your significant other * your current veterinarian (a former retired veterinarian is fine) * someone you supervise or who reports to you at work Your “in case of emergency” person can give you a character reference if they are not one of the above. Only one reference may be from a co-worker. At least one reference must be from someone who knows you other than socially (e.g. a current or former teacher, professor, peer or supervisor at work, volunteer at a non profit, neighbor, etc.). Please be sure to provide both a contact phone number and an e-mail address. We prefer to do the initial reference checks by Text but if we do check by phone, it will usually start with a text stating their name and a link to an online form. If they prefer to do it by phone, we can do that as well.
If you wish to cancel an adoption within two weeks after it has been confirmed and transport requested, the adoption fee and any amounts spent on caring for the cat can only be refunded at our discretion. Adoption fees are not refundable under any circumstances for cancellations made more than two weeks after the date the adoption was confirmed and the adoption fee paid. Any amounts paid for a health certificate (if you cancel at the last minute) will not be reimbursable because it is payable to the vet, not us and is valid only for a very short period of time. If you wish to cancel the adoption after a cat or kitten is on its way to you, nothing you have paid will be reimbursable and you will also be responsible for any costs we need to incur in getting the cat boarded and returned to foster care. The only exception to the above is if new, material information emerges about the cat’s health which is communicated to you, and you change your mind above the adoption promptly after being informed of it.
Your pet IS NOT MERCHANDISE. You are not buying a “perfect” made to order item. You are adopting an animal who needs a home. Your responsibility is to provide further veterinary care, if needed, as needed and make this sweet kitty whole and a loved part of your family for its natural life span. Just as with children, whether biological or adopted, there are no tests to guarantee what may or may not be needed for your new pet.

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