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PAWS of Grays Harbor

PAWS of Grays Harbor is an animal shelter serving all of Grays Harbor County. This shelter does not report client or animal information to local Animal Control or Police agencies unless a crime has been committed. Concerns regarding animal welfare by staff and/or volunteers should be brought to the attention of the Director. All incidents reported will be done so by a Director and documented for our records.

The nature of the shelter experience at PAWS of Grays Harbor requires that all board members/staff/volunteers/fosters adhere to strict privacy and confidentiality standards in regards to animal, client, and donor information. Our relationship with the community is important to our mission. Always remember that our goal is to protect and care for animals in this community. Respect and trust is earned when all who come into contact with our organization are provided personal dignity by maintaining privacy of information and by treating all communications as confidential.

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