07(🇬🇧). PAWS-PATAS Foster Carer Contract 💙

I understand that if I want to be contacted by PAWS-PATAS, I need to have selected the Email option above.
In agreeing to foster the above animal, I agree to the following:
1. To bring the animal to the shelter whenever requested to do so, with notice
2. To bring the animal to the shelter for vaccinations or medical treatment, by appointment
3. To contact the PAWS-PATAS shelter immediately if there is a problem with the animal's behaviour or medical condition
4. In case of a medical emergency to call a PAWS-PATAS vet or your local vet
6. If I decide to adopt the animal myself, I will inform the Foster Coordinator at PAWS-PATAS immediately
5. Not to rehome, give away, transfer foster care or release the animal
7. To abide by the adoption conditions if I change from Foster carer to Adopter
8. If the animal has already been reserved for adoption then I understand I will not be able to keep the animal
In return, PAWS-PATAS agrees to the following:
· To provide adequate food for the animal on a regular basis if necessary
· To provide all bedding, leads, collars, toys etc. If necessary
· To provide adequate veterinary care, medication and vaccinations
· To search for a permanent adoption as soon as possible
· To take the animal back from the foster carer if there are problems within the home
· To inform the fosterer immediately when the animal has been reserved for adoption
By ticking the box below, I agree to abide by items 1 to 8 set out in this document.