Surrender Form - Cat or Kitten

If you require assistance with rehoming your pet, please complete the Surrender Application below.

If you require assistance and wish to use the Last Litter Program or surrender a dog, please go back and select the relevant form.

Once both photo and surrender form are received we will email you with confirmation and if possible, will commence seeking a foster home for your animal.
This process can take up to two weeks or more, at times. Please let us know if your pet is rehomed during this time. We will contact you as soon as a foster placement has been found.

If your animals are bonded, please note this on the surrender form.

If you surrender your pet to Little Legs, you will have a 3 day cooling off period after the handover where you can retract your surrender and reclaim your animal.
After this cooling off period has lapsed we will not hand back surrendered animals, to previous owners. If, during the cooling off period any vet work has been completed by Little Legs we will require reimbursement for lost costs before handing animals back.

Please ensure all fields with an asterisk ( * ) are completed as blank fields will prevent the form from submitting.

You cannot surrender an animal that belongs to another person.

Please ensure this is your ANIMAL'S NAME and you haven't used auto-fill causing it to fill in your own name.
If this animal belongs to someone you know, they need to be the person who surrenders the animal.

Please keep an eye on your email, both inbox and spam folder, for any updates relating to your application.

If you have rehomed or no longer need assistance, please let us know asap