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Little Legs Dog and Cat Rescue QLD Inc
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In most cases you will be required to meet with the dog you wish to adopt. However, in cases of interstate adoptions we will require photos of your home before an application will be considered.
Interstate adoptions are on a case-by-case basis and determined by the dogs needs.

Please ensure your contact details are correct and free from typo's.
These details are used to communicate the progress of your application, contacting you for a meet & greet and when registering the Microchip at the end of a successful trial period.

All required questions must be answered in full.
Please do not use answers such as "refer to other application" as our applications are not trasnferred from one animal to another.

If you cannot find the animal's name listed it means he/she is not currently available for adoption.
Please ensure your details are correct. If the adoption is successful, these details will be used for the Change of Ownership details on the microchip.
Please enter correctly as this is the main way we will contact you
eg. full time work / few hours a day / rarely
Please list any stimulation/training you would like to be able to do with your new pet.
This is only applicable to pre-adoptions and where the puppy/dog is not yet ready for adoption due to vetwork needing to be completed. The $100 deposit secures your adoption, with the balance due prior to the day you collect your new pet.
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Important Information:

Thank you for wanting to adopt a rescue animal.