Adoption Application

Little Rock Animal Village

Please use the following format 248-555-1212
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Unsterilized Animals: If the animal you choose to adopt is too young or medically compromised and is released with a sterilization waiver, it is a requirement that the animal is returned to the Little Rock Animal Village by its fourth month of age or when it is no longer at risk. This waiver is a release to go home but not a release of ownership. The animal will be property of the City of Little Rock until it is spayed or neutered. When the appointment is scheduled, staff has committed its day to the sterilization of the animal and if the animal does not come in on the date scheduled without prior (5 days) notice, an additional $45.00 will have to be paid because of the loss of time. Failure to bring the animal in for its sterilization will result in a citation and seizure warrant retrieving the animal.
General Agreement:
By typing my signature below, I understand and agree to the following items:
1. I authorize Little Rock Animal Services to seize this animal if I fail to have the animal sterilized in the date set. (If applicable)
2. I agree to provide my animal with a proper house, a healthy supply of food, and fresh water at all times.
3. I understand failure to provide the appropriate answers could result in the adoption being denied. I certify that the information I have given on this Adoption Application is true and correct. I am not less than eighteen (18) years of age. I have read and fully understand the conditions of the adoption application. If the Little Rock Animal Services’ staff approves me to adopt an animal, I agree to all the conditions set out in this document.

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