Adoption - Expression of Interest Form

Enter all the information and click submit.


IDENTIFICATION - Please note, you will have to show the foster carer your driver's licence or photo identification to confirm your age and address provided is correct prior to taking the kitty home. We DO NOT take a copy or store any identification records.


These questions are to help establish the suitability of the pet to your situation, so please think carefully.



I know Furry Friends cats are indoor only cats and agree to keep them safe indoors during the day and night or in an outdoor secure cat enclosure for some hours during the day to experience the outdoors safely.


The following questions are to help you think about your commitment to adopting a pet.

1 - I am able to afford vet costs for a pet.

2 - I am aware of the availability of pet insurance for this pet to help meet costs in unforeseen or emergency situations.

3 - I have read instructions online about how to slowly introduce new cats into the household especially if I have other pets already living with me.

4 - I know that I will need these supplies for my pet before collecting them:

* Cat carrier for cat trips (QLD Transport requirement)
* Separate litter tray and litter
* Recommended premium dry food and wet food
* Bowls for water and food
* Scratch posts and/or toys
* Bedding
* Veterinary approved flea and worm treatments

Adequate litter trays are required. They love clean trays!


I understand that from the day I collect my adoptive pet, they are my financial responsibility.

​​I agree to take my new pet to my own local vet for regular check ups commencing ASAP.

​Should my circumstances change and I need to re-home my adopted pet I will contact Furry Friends if I can't find a suitable home for my pet.

​I understand that vet certificates are posted to adopters approx 2-3 weeks after taking the pet home unless collecting pre-adopted pets from the vet on the day of desexing, in which case the vet will provide the certificates.

​I understand that a Furry Friends will be an alternative contact on the microchip so that if impounded and unclaimed the pet will return to Furry Friends.

You've reached the end! You will see and acknowledgement message after you click on 'Submit'. If you don't, please check to see if you missed any checkboxes on the form and then try again (or check your junk folder). A friendly volunteer will contact you within a day or so. Thank-you so much!