Animal Application

Animal Application for possible adoption. Madison Animal Rescue Foundation

This is an application not a contract. It does not obligate you nor MARF in any way. This is just a way for us to match our pets with the adopter's lifestyle and to get your contact information to the pet's foster family. There will be a contract when you adopt a pet. Thank you.
What is the name or ID number of the pet you are interested in?
Pet's name?
Your Last Name
Your First Name
Your Street Address
Your City
Your State
Zip Code
Your Home Phone Number
Work Phone Number
When is the best time to call you?
Your email address
Where do you live?
If you rent, may we contact your landlord for confirmation? Please provide contact information.
How long have you lived at this residence? If less than 2 years, please provide previous address.
Who lives in the home? (AGE AND GENDER)
Do you work or stay at home?
Fenced Yard?
Will you provide a place for the cat to climb?
Behavior concerns?
Where will this pet be kept?
Do you currently own any animals? List all pets you own, and how long you have owned them (please include a list of animals you have owned in the past 10 years)
List all your pets ages, sizes, breed and if living or deceased.
Do the listed pets still reside with you?
Where are pets now?
Are the listed pets kept inside, outside or both?
Have you ever adopted a pet from MARF?
Have all of your pets been spayed and/or neutered?
Are all of your pets current on vaccines?
leukemia tested?
Leukemia test results?
Which Veterinarian/Clinic do you currently use?
Vet Phone Number?
In the event that this animal is unavailable, what is a general description of the kind of pet you would like to adopt?
Have you researched or are you familiar with this type/breed of animal?
Why did you choose this particular animal?
Do you want to know about alternatives to declawing?
If you go out of town, or move, what will you do with your pet?
Why would you return an adopted animal or give up ownership?
Are you willing and able to deal with and correct all the issues that may come with owning a pet? (housebreaking, chewing, digging, barking, marking, litter box training, etc.) If yes, how, if no, why not?
How will you introduce the new pet?
Will you allow a home visit by MARF prior to finalization of the adoption?
I agree to these requirements

Thank you for your application.