Owner Relinquishment Request

Thank you for your interest in relinquishing a bird to Exotic Bird Rescue of Oregon. At EBR, we believe that exotic birds make great companions, but also recognize that it is not always feasible to keep them. Before making the decision to surrender, please consider all of your options.

If you are wanting to relinquish your bird due to behavioral issues, we may be able to help keep your bird in your home by offering you coaching or a referral to a behaviorist. If you are still certain you want to relinquish, submit the form below. This form will help us understand your situation, the urgency level, and how to best care for your bird. Keep in mind that EBR is currently operating at full capcity. Filling out this form does not guarantee immediate intake and it may take some time before a foster home opens up.

Exotic Bird Rescue is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and health of exotic birds through education, research and service.

You have asked Exotic Bird Rescue to take ownership and care of your bird. We have found that the transition into the rescue for a new arrival is much easier when the bird is surrounded with its familiar belongings. If possible, please provide us your bird’s cage, dishes and toys. The rescue is asked to accept hundreds of birds annually into the rescue. It is financially impossible for us to do the right thing by our birds without your financial support to help cover costs for medical care, housing, toys, food and day-to-day operations of the rescue.

Your responsibility does not end when your bird is placed with us. We ask that you consider a contribution to offset the care of your bird until the time that we are able to place it in an approved adoptive home. Should your bird come to Exotic Bird Rescue for permanent placement, we request that you consider a monthly or annual donation on behalf of the welfare of the bird. Many of the parrots that come to the rescue are from true rescue situations and have not been as fortunate as your bird. Your financial contribution enables us to offset some of the costs incurred with rescue so that we can continue with those efforts.

By signing this Owner Release Agreement (the “Agreement”), you transfer ownership of the bird described above (the “Bird”) to Exotic Bird Rescue of Oregon. In addition, you agree to all the terms of this Agreement.

Oregon law will govern this Agreement, and you agree that any litigation arising under this Agreement will be brought into a court having jurisdiction within Oregon. In any dispute, the prevailing party shall recover reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs. Release of your bird to Exotic Bird Rescue starts the adoption process. We will do everything possible to ensure that this bird is placed into a home that will satisfy its individual needs and match those of its new owner.

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