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Foster Carer & Membership Application

Thank you for thinking of us and offering your time to be a foster carer
As we are all volunteers, (just like you!) your application will be responded to within 72 hours

Membership Requirements

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Foster Carer Application

All foster cats must be kept strictly indoors, or contained to an outdoor cat run. They cannot be free roaming

Tell us about your pets? How many, what species, are they cat friendly etc. If you don't have any pets, please write N/A in the box below

MWCS recommend not integrating your own cats, and keeping MWCS cats separate where possible.
Even though we endeavour to ensure all cats are of good health, it is very important that all cats belonging to Foster Carers be vaccinated annually with an F6 vaccine to protect them from the possibility of exposure to diseases.

How will you contain your foster cat(s) to keep safe from other animals? Do you have a designated area?

What foster cat(s) do you have the capacity to provide care for? *

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The first two weeks of care at MWCS is called the Quarantine period. During that time symptoms of contagious ailments such as Cat Flu and Ringworm can occur.

MWCS can provide confinement crates and veterinary grade cleaning supplies if you have the time and experience to provide this extra level of care and barrier nursing required.

If you are unable to provide this, please untick the Potentially Contagious Cats or Kittens checkbox


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