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Fosters help us improve lives. The more people who foster, the more cats we can help. Thank you opening your heart to these vulnerable animals! We can have foster cats or kittens in your home before you know it!


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Most foster cats need liquid oral medications (dewormers, antibiotics) at some point. Willingness to give them is required. Liquid oral medications are easier to administer than pills, and we have found that people can easily learn this skill. You can do it!
Final Few Questions
Returning a cat to the Adoption Center can be a very emotional experience. Becoming attached to your fosters is perfectly understandable (trust us, we've been there). Please go easy on yourself and take breaks from fostering as needed.

Many fosters take comfort in the excellent care provided at OAR's adoption center, and feel pride in seeing their foster cat’s adoption photo on OAR's Facebook page. We also recommend trying to focus on the joys of meeting and helping the next cat.

If you want to adopt your foster, just submit an Adoption Questionnaire.
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