Getting Help Application

Fill out this Getting Help Application, read and acknowledge the Getting Help Terms of Agreement located below and the OOTW Code of Ethics & Conduct Policy located here (, then click "submit". Once received, OOTW will contact you to discuss your application and our "Getting Help" program. Please note that a home visit may be required.

Type of help you are applying for:
Please Review the Getting Help Agreement and Code of Ethics at the bottom of this form

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* Getting Help Terms of Agreement: I will allow OOTW to inspect the animal care area of my residence prior to and during the care of the pet(s).

I understand that once the pet(s) is approved into the OOTW program that I will be responsible for the care of (foster) pet(s). I accept any risks and agree that OOTW assumes no liability for damages caused by pet(s) in my custody.

I agree that should the pet(s) be returned from the adoptive home for any reason, that I will again foster the pet(s) until a permanent adoptive home can be found.

I agree that in the event I am unable to take the pet(s) back into my residence for whatever reason I will pay and/or reimbuise OOTW any and all costs OOTW incurs while caring for the pet(s) until a permanent home can be found.

I will be responsible for providing the following care and supplies for the pet(s):
Proper food and water in bowls
Daily exercise, as needed
Training (e.g., house-training dogs and puppies), socialization (e.g., holding cats and kittens) and play time
Adequate shelter (indoor only for cats and kittens)
Administration of any prescribed medical care including flea/tick preventative and heartworm preventative

I will be responsible for the safe transportation of pet(s). I understand that dogs and puppies must be transported on leashes and cats and kittens must be transported in carriers.

I understand that the pet(s) in my care will receive all routine care at a veterinarian clinic of my choice, but that a discount is available at a veterinarian clinic approved by OOTW. This routine care includes vaccinations, fecal, heartworm test, microchip placement and a spay or neuter. Further care must be provided as recommended by the veterinarian if other medical conditions exist.

I understand that an OOTW adoption application must be received and the adoptive home approved with assistance by an OOTW representative prior to allowing the pet to be transferred to an adoptive home.

I understand that a signed OOTW adoption contract and an adoption fee in the amount of $150.00 for dogs and $100.00 for cats will be collected from the adoptive home at the time of transfer.

I understand that if, for any reason, the pet(s) is not surrendered for adoption because of, but not limited to:
I decided to keep the pet(s)
I decided to give the pet(s) away
The pet(s) died due to negligence
that I will be responsible for all expenses incurred by OOTW related to the pet(s) and will reimburse OOTW for same immediately upon request.

I understand that by submitting this form that I and the pet(s) will be representing OOTW and I will be held accountable as such.

I understand that dogs and puppies should be bathed, brushed and have their nails trimmed and cats and kittens should be brushed/combed and have their nails trimmed before events or adoptions.

I agree I will deliver upon adoption any records in my possession relating to pet(s) to the adoptor.

I certify that the Getting Help Application information is correct to the best of my knowledge. I also agree to follow all the rules, regulations and policies of OOTW.