Foster Application

* Applicant must at least 18 years of age to fill out and submit an application.
* Please fill out this form, read and acknowledge the below Foster Terms and the OOTW Code of Ethics & Conduct Policy.
* Check all entries for accuracy, then press the "Submit" button ONLY ONCE.
* If you don't receive a confirmation email after you hit Submit, please re-submit your application.
* OOTW will contact you to discuss your application.

*Foster Terms:
I/We agree to provide a safe loving, temporary indoor home environment to the foster pet(s) in my care. That when outside, puppies and dogs must be supervised in an enclosed yard or on leash. Kittens and cats must be kept indoors at all times.
I/We agree to provide food, clean water, bowls, toys, blankets, litter, litter boxes, and other supplies as our financial contribution to OOTW. I/we will notify OOTW if we are unable to provide basic supplies or food.
I/We understand that OOTW provides and covers the cost of all veterinarian care needed for the foster pet, as long as the pet is taken to an OOTW approved veterinarian clinic. I/We understand that if I/we choose to use my/our own veterinarian, OOTW cannot be responsible for the expenses. If at any time during the foster care of Pet(s) I/we feel that any non-routine veterinary care is required, I/we will contact OOTW immediately so that arrangements may be made with a veterinarian approved by OOTW. In the case of an emergency during non-business hours, I will immediately contact the OOTW for instructions.
I/We agree to provide socialization and basic housetraining to our foster pets. We agree to exercise,and administer medication for foster pets. I/We agree to give monthly flea/tick and heartworm prevention and that we will notify OOTW when medication is needed. We agree to keep records of medication administration on a health record provided by OOTW.
I/We agree to be responsible for the safe transportation of Pet(s) at all times. I/We understand that dogs and puppies must be transported on leashes and cats and kittens must be transported in carriers. I/We agree to maintain collars and I.D. tags on dogs/puppies at all times.
I/We understand that the pets are the sole property of OOTW. I /We understand that I am free to solicit prospective homes for pet(s) but will not initiate any adoption proceedings for pet(s) and will refer all interested parties to OOTW for adoption.
I/We understand that as Foster parents we will return pets to OOTW at any time OOTW requests them .
I/We agree to report lost pets immediately to OOTW .
I/We agree to provide insight to the foster pet's behavior for its file in order to disseminate accurate information to potential adopters and that I/we will deliver pet(s), and any records relating to pet(s) in my possession, to such adoption events as directed by OOTW. I understand that dogs and puppies should be bathed, brushed and have their nails trimmed before adoption events and cats and kittens should be brushed/combed and have their nails trimmed. I also understand that my presence at such adoption events is not mandatory but highly desirable as it facilitates in the most optimal adoption of the pet(s).
I/We agree that if we want to adopt our foster pet(s), I/we must adhere to all of OOTW adoption policies and procedures and notify us of their intentions as soon as possible to avoid disappointing applicants. Foster parents will incur the adoption fee.
I/We understand that OOTW and its authorized agents and volunteers assume no liability for damages or injuries caused by the pet(s) while in my custody and that OOTW and its authorized agents and volunteers cannot guarantee the temperament or other personal characteristics of pet(s).
If, for any reason, pet(s) is not surrendered to OOTW for adoption or otherwise, I will be responsible for all expenses incurred by OOTW related to pet(s) and will reimburse OOTW for same immediately upon request.
I certify that the foster care application information is correct to the best of my knowledge. I also agree to follow all the rules, regulations and policies of OOTW. I certify that no person residing in the household has ever been convicted of animal cruelty, neglect or abandonment.