Foster Application/contract

Paws Cat Shelter Foster Application
Paws Cat Shelter
240A Route 171 Woodstock CT 06281
(860) 315-1228 or
Thank you for your interest in Fostering at Paws Cat Shelter in Woodstock. Please fill out the application and our Foster Coordinator will contact you shortly.
You Must be 18 years of age or older. If you are under 18, an adult must take responsibility for the care of the foster cats and kittens and must make the agreements.
If under 18 please list age and Co-signer's name and address.
Foster Information:
We Frequently use Facebook for communication and support. Does the Foster Coordinator have permission to friend you on Facebook and add you to our private community page?
If you answered yes, Please enter your Facebook URL to make it easier to find you.
What is the best way to contact you?
How did you hear about our shelter Foster program?
Household Information

Please note name of the Landlord if applicable.
List your current animals, genders and ages.
Although we are a no kill shelter, at times we may have a cat/kitten where circumstances warrant that it will need to be euthanized. Do you understand that this may happen at this facility?
Will you have any problems fostering knowing this?
Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offense?
Have you ever been charged with neglect, abuse or assault?
Have you ever worked or volunteered for an animal welfare organization or animal related business?
If yes, Please list the Organization(s)
Check all that you are interested in fostering:
Are you willing to medicate fosters as needed?

How long are you willing to foster?
Do you have a way to transport cats and kittens to the shelter as needed for updates and adoption and to pick up supplies?

Do you have a place where fostered animals could have their own space?
Please read, initial and agree to the following:
Paws retains full legal ownership of the cats or kittens in foster care and holds the final authority over all the decisions concerning the medical treatment, placement, euthanasia and adoption.
Paws will provide a crate, litter, food and other supplies as necessary and requested by the foster family. If you would like to provide your own fostering supplies, you can keep your receipts and we can give a tax write-off form. The foster family agrees to provide a healthy, clean, climate controlled and sanitary situation for the cats and kittens. This will include providing fresh food and water in clean dishes daily; scooping, cleaning and disinfecting the litter box daily; providing clean bedding daily or as necessary; cleaning the crate or environment daily or as needed.
Paws will provide vaccinations, medications and vet care. Paws will be responsible for all veterinary costs while the cats or kittens are in foster care at the veterinary of Paw's choosing. In the event of an emergency, the foster family must notify Paws and get approval from Paws before taking the cats or kittens to the vet. If you take the cat or kittens to the vet without approval or to an unauthorized vet, you will be responsible for any costs incurred.
Paws makes every attempt to FIV/Leukemia test the mothers and treat them for worms and fleas as needed. It is not always possible for them to be FIV/Leukemia tested prior to going to a foster home which makes keeping the foster separate from your own pets the best option.
Paws recommends all fosters be kept separate from other animals in the house due to the fact that not all foster cats and kittens have seen a vet and may contaminate your own pets with transferable parasites or disease.
Paws must approve everyone interested in adopting. We understand family and friends may be interested in adopting a foster cat or kitten but all adoptions must have an application and go through the same approval process. Fosters are not allowed to approve applications or adopters. However, if your family or friends are approved, they may have first pick of your kittens if the kittens are not already pending adoption but approval must be done when there is a plan for adoption.
Paws reserves the right to take possession of any cats or kittens in foster care at any time. If a foster family is no longer able to care for the cats or kittens, you must notify Paws immediately and return the cats or kittens to Paws.
Paws in not liable for any damage done to your home while fostering.
I agree to return all Paws property back to Paws when I finish fostering.
I have had the opportunity to ask any questions I may have had regarding this document. I express that I have read and understand the above release and I have full knowledge of the extent of the risks inherent to working with animals. I hereby voluntarily and knowingly assume those risks and understand that I will be solely responsible for any injury, death, loss or damage which I sustain while volunteering for the shelter and by this agreement I release the shelter, it's agents, servants, employees and successors of any and all liability for such an injury, death, loss or damage.
Signature of parent or guardian if under 18 years of age
Signature: (Selecting "Yes" makes this a legally binding digital signature.)
** All foster applications will be reviewed by our foster coordinator and you will be contacted if we can match you with an approved foster. We do our best to match up all fosters with the best homes for them. There may be long periods without anything to foster due to this. Your application will stay on file for a year.**