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Intro Information

Please elaborate on your answers. Yes or No are not valid responses to the questions below. We need to be sure this potential adopter has been vetted appropriately so that they don't return the dog to us.

Select the date the home visit was completed.
Enter your first name.
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Enter the name of the dog this person is interested in.

Adopter Information

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Home Information

Items to Consider: Are there any stray dogs in the neighborhood? What type of neighborhood? Children playing in the streets? Any busy intersections?
How does the adopter plan to exercise the dog?
Describe the fence, including type, height, how many gates and the condition of each.
Have the adopter been through any type of dog training in the past? (Flyball, Obedience, Agility, etc.) Is the adopter aware that we require the dog to complete a training class within nine months of the adoption application execution date?
Does the adopter plan to use it? Please suggest that the adopter start the dog out on a crate. The adopter needs to have a crate before they bring the dog home. Remind the adopter that the dog is crated while with their foster home. Some of dogs need their crates for a little while until they get used to the house.
Suggest that letting the dog sleep in bed is not recommended when he/she is first introduced into the home due to issues with dominance. The dog needs to sleep in his/her crate or on the floor (blanket or pillow on the floor is even better). The dog is NEVER to sleep with children. The dogs are NEVER to be left outside all day and night long.
How long will the dog spend at home alone each day?
What was the reaction to the HADR Adoption fee?
Is the adopter agreeable with everything in the adoption contract?
What are the top three behavioral characteristics the adopter is looking for in a rescue Doberman?
Would at least one person be able to care for the dog if an emergency came up? This person would need access to the home and be comfortable with the dog to help you.
Would you feel comfortable leaving your dog with this family? (Elaborate)
Answer this question and then elaborate why or why not. Your opinion will be the deciding factor on if the family adopts a dog or not, so please exercise the best judgment when responding.

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