Temperament Test Report


You must elaborate on your answers. Yes or No are not valid responses to the questions below. You must indicate passed or failed each test.  You must also provide an explanation of their behavior whether they passed or failed. This information is used to decide whether we should take the animal into the rescue program, for the safety of our volunteers, fosters, and adopters, and as a requirement for our liability insurance. 

General Information

1 - Approachability

Method: Evaluator approaches dog carefully.

Pass behavior examples: licks hand, tail wag, good eye contact, or no response.
Fail behavior examples: snaps, growls, stiffens, lifts lip, or backs away cowering.

2 - Come When Called

Method: Evaluator makes clicking noise with mouth.

Pass behavior examples: dog looks at evaluator and makes an effort to come.
Fail behavior examples: dog walks away or ignores evaluator after five tries.

3 - Play

Method: Evaluator will throw a ball or toy to see if the dog has interest in play.

Pass behavior examples: dog is eager to play and shows tail wag, chases toy.
Fail behavior examples: dog is uninterested or ignores toy.

4 - Response to Loud Noise

Method: Evaluator will move a chair or drop an object to make a loud noise.

Pass behavior examples: dog looks back at what dropped with slight body jerk.
Fail behavior examples: dog jumps, runs, or yelps.

5 - Calm Down Rate

Method: Evaluator will run with dog while praising excessively and then stop abruptly.

Pass behavior examples: dog calms down with in a reasonable time.
Fail behavior examples: dog becomes agitated and aroused to the point of nipping.

6 - Free Roam

Method: Evaluator will sit in a chair in the middle of the room, allowing the dog to roam the room while on leash.

Pass behavior examples: dog walks around investigating, tries to say hello to the evaluator.
Fail behavior examples: dog lunges at the evaluator.

7 - Grooming

Method: Evaluator will allow the dog to sniff brush then use their hand to brush the dog. Then pet the dog under their chin and show the dog the brush. Next, gently brush the dog's chest area, finally moving to brush the dogs back.

Pass behavior examples: dog licks or plays with the evaluator, enjoys the grooming, or has no response.
Fail behavior examples: dog snaps or growls.

8 - Drop It

Method: Evaluator will play with the dog using a toy. Then switch out a the toy with a high value treat.

Pass behavior examples: dog runs away or drops the toy.
Fail behavior examples: dog snaps or growls.

9 - Body Bump

Method: Evaluator will bump the dog from behind.

Pass behavior examples: dog looks behind to see what happened or has no response.
Fail behavior examples: dog snaps or growls.

10 - Food Response

Method: Evaluator will fill a food bowl with high value food. Dog will be tied to an anchor and food bowl will be slide to the dog from about 3 feet away. A rubber hand will pet the dog while he is eating. The rubber hadn will touch the rim of the bowl and the food in the bowl.

Pass behavior examples: dog licks hand or has no response.
Fail behavior examples: dog snaps or growls at hand.


Note: A failure of one or two tests is not necessarily a reason to reject the dog, unless the evaluator felt like their safety was in question at any point during any of the tests.
Instructions: Consider all 10 of the tests and answer the following:

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