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Complete the following to request additional heartworm preventative. We will mail it out on the following Friday.

If your dog is heartworm negative, you are responsible for providing monthly heartworm preventative as described in the Adoption Contract and Addenda.

If you are entering this on behalf of a fosterer, enter their contact information.

Contact Information

Adopter Heartworm Preventative Request

Please send heartworm preventative to me.

Foster Heartworm Preventative Request

Please send heartworm preventative to me.


By submitting this request, I certify that the above information is true and correct under the penalties of perjury. I will only use the heartworm preventative I receive from HADR on either: heartworm positive dogs I foster for HADR or a heartworm positive dog I adopted from HADR. If I adopted a heartworm positive dog from HADR, I understand that HADR will provide no more than twelve total heartworm preventative treatments and I will be responsible for purchasing heartworm preventative starting at the 13th month pursuant to the Heartworm Positive Contract Addendum.  

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