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You can include things like:

  • What your first day was like
  • How your dog is doing today
  • The dog's favorite things to do
  • The dog's strongest personality trait
  • How your dog makes you feel
  • Anything else that you want to say about your dog!

3. Photographs

You must include one photo either of you and your dog, your family and your dog, or just your dog today. You can provide up to three photos.

4. Signature

I hereby grant permission and give my consent to Houston Area Doberman Rescue for the use of the attached photographs and story for the purposes of promoting HADR, Rescue Adoptions, and the Breed. I understand that I may revoke this authorization at any time by contacting HADR at www.hadr.org. This revocation will not affect any actions taken before the receipt of this consent. Images will be stored in a secure location and only authorized staff will have access to them. They will be kept as long as they are relevant and after that time destroyed or archived.

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