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Thank you so much for your interest in adopting/fostering with Pawprints to Freedom!

Please fill out our application form below and one of our friendly adoption admins will be in contact with you as soon as possible.

Please note - As a general rule, we would not rehome a dog with children under 4 and any dog being rehomed with children under 12 would need to be child tested. However, we appreciate that some households have extensive experience with rescue dogs and where we feel this is the case, these applications would be considered on a case-by-case basis.

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Key points about adopting/fostering with us

Adopting or fostering a Romanian rescue can be different to rehoming a UK dog, and we must ensure our adopters and fosterers are prepared for any challenges that may occur.

Please read through and confirm that you accept the following:

  • The full history of these dogs is unknown, unless specified otherwise;

    • This includes the dog's date of birth, which is estimated by the rescuer. The date of birth recorded in the passport will be estimated by a vet and may differ from the estimated date. It is common for there to be a discrepancy in the given dates of birth for any dog.

  • I/we have the relevant permission to keep a dog on our premises and can provide proof of landlord permission if required;

  • I/we understand any dog may behave or react differently in a home environment than it does in a shelter;

  • I/we confirm that the proof of ID and proof of address we will show to their home check volunteer is accurate;

  • I/we confirm that we can afford vet and kennel bills should they be required;

  • I/we confirm that, in the event of needing to surrender the animal, we agree to cover emergency kennelling costs;

  • I/we confirm that we will read and follow the advice given in the adoption or foster booklet prior to home check and again before surrendering their dog;

  • I/we confirm that the dog cannot be euthanised for behavioural or medical issues without prior consent from Pawprints to Freedom unless in an emergency;


Please also confirm acknowledgement of the following points:



If you are adopting a puppy, please read the following:

Puppy Neutering Program

When adopting a puppy, there will be an additional fee payable of £100. This fee will be held by PPTF until your puppy is neutered and proof of this is provided to PPTF from your vet. At this point, the £100 will be returned** to the bank account which the initial payment was received from.

Please note, your puppy should be neutered within 6 months of arrival per your contract agreement.

* Neuter program funds are held separately to all other monies.

** We understand there may be instances whereby neutering within the 6 month period is not possible. The period of the program may be extended on an individual basis at PPTF management discretion. Please contact us should you be unable to neuter your dog within 6 months of their arrival. Failure to do so will result in the £100 being forfeited to PPTF.


Our deposit procedure

Once you have passed your home check and have been confirmed as a suitable match for the dog, we will require a minimum of a £175 deposit or the full adoption fee, whichever is greater, within 48 hours in order to keep the dog reserved to you.

The £175 deposit paid to reserve a dog is to cover the cost of the preparation of the dog for transport, and is therefore non-refundable under any circumstances. If the adoption is cancelled before the dog has arrived, £175 of the adoption fee will be non-refundable.

Once you have passed your home check and have been confirmed as a suitable match for the dog, we will require your adoption fee to be settled in full within 48 hours in order to keep the dog reserved to you. You will then have a suitable amount of time to complete any conditions of your home check result i.e fixing boundaries or creating a safe space, which you should then confirm to your admin before your dog can be booked on transport.

If you fail to complete the requirements of your homecheck and match review or cancel your application after payment, you will be refunded your adoption fee minus £175 deposit - this is sent to rescuer to prepare your dog for transport.


Finding your perfect match

If you have never owned a pet please tell us where you would go.

Thank you for considering adopting or fostering through PAWPRINTS TO FREEDOM LIMITED. The purpose of this questionnaire is to gain a better understanding of your knowledge of Romanian rescue dogs, as well as being able to offer advice and support better tailored to your needs.

As a rescue, we provide full rescue back up throughout the duration of each dog's life. Adopting a dog is a lifelong commitment, the dogs we rescue haven’t had a great start in life so our aim is to find each and every one their happy ever after.

Fostering is also a huge commitment and a crucial part of the rescue process, we therefore must ensure that each and every home is as dedicated as we are to their training and finding our dogs their forever home.

RELEASE OF LIABILITY - The rescue makes no guarantees regarding a dog's disposition/temperament/health/personality both now and in the future. Dogs' descriptions are given to the best of our knowledge on the information presented to the rescue. Fosterers and adopters agree to take the dogs into their homes at their own risk and indemnify and release the rescue, its founder, staff, all volunteers and trustees of any and all liability from damages caused to persons or property caused by the dog. We therefore strongly recommend that the foster reviews their own household insurance to ensure adequate coverage. Applicants must understand and abide by all local and national laws applying to dogs, including ID tags and microchip registration etc.

  • I hereby certify that the information given in this form is true and accurate and hereby give permission for PAWPRINTS TO FREEDOM LIMITED to process my application as required to help match me to a dog. I understand my information will be passed on to volunteers who require my information to arrange my home check and help me with the adoption/foster process.
  • I understand not all home checkers are direct volunteers of PAWPRINTS TO FREEDOM LIMITED and some are through other organisations or act as individuals that provide such a service within my local area.
  • I understand that providing false information may lead to early termination of any subsequent foster or adoption agreement.
  • I confirm that I am over 18 years of age.
  • I confirm that should a dog become lost or missing due to circumstances considered preventable I am personally liable for any and all costs to the rescue in the safe recovery of the dog.
  • I confirm that I give full permission for PAWPRINTS TO FREEDOM LIMITED to contact and discuss my potential suitability with my registered veterinary practice.

PAWPRINTS TO FREEDOM LIMITED comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by retaining data for the minimum period for our legitimate interests, for the legal basis of managing our operation, and for fulfilling our contractual obligations to you, as permitted under Article 6 of the GDPR.