PPTF UK Transport Declaration

This document refers to dogs being moved within the UK ONLY. If you are receiving a dog from Romania, please see our Romanian Transport Declaration.

Here at Pawprints to Freedom, your dog's safety during transport is our priority. 

After extensive discussions with our partners, as well as correspondence with the relevant governing bodies, we have set out the following guidelines. As fosters and adopters of a rescue dog, we ask for your full cooperation with the transport procedure.

Transport Safety Guidelines:

  • All adopters/fosters must confirm they have a slip lead and travel crate.
  • Seat belt fastenings may be used at the discretion of a rescue manager. Please discuss this with your admin if this is your intention.
  • If your dog is traveling on a seat belt fastening, they should remain double leaded for the duration of the journey - harness or collar with a lead and an additional slip lead.
  • When collecting a dog from a home, the current carer will secure the dog on the slip and put the dog inside the crate for you.
  • The dog should remain inside the crate for the entire journey. 
  • If you need to stop to use the services, the dog should remain in the vehicle. We suggest you travel with a companion so the dog is not left unsupervised should a break be necessary.
  • We advise that all trips are completed by one party and there is no changing of vehicles or meet points - unless previously discussed and agreed with a rescue manager.
  • Windows should only be opened to a maximum of two inches if necessary.
  • Once home, we advise you to carry the crate (with the dog inside) into your home and only let the dog out when all the external doors are shut.

Driver Declaration

  • I confirm that I have a full UK driving licence (or equivalent)
  • I confirm that the vehicle I will be transporting the dog with is roadworthy and fit for the journey and that I will have suitable insurance and breakdown cover for the journey.
  • I confirm that I will adhere to the highway code and speed restrictions of the route and will drive safely to ensure the safety of everyone onboard.
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