BARRC Animal Surrender Request

As a requirement under the Dog Act 1976 all dogs must now be microchipped prior to rehoming. A surrender fee of $40.00 per dog is requested to cover this cost. If the dog for surrender is already microchipped the fee will be utilised in covering other expenses incurred by BARRC. BARRC is a not for profit organisation and receives no government funding. Therefore, donations are welcomed.

Answering Yes to the following questions does not rule out the opportunity to rehome your pet. We appreciate your honesty to ensure the best outcome for the animal.

Details of Animal you require assistance to rehome

Is the dog microchipped in your name?
upload a photo from your computer or phone and attach. Photographs are an essential part of enabling BARRC to find the most suited foster/new home match for the dog as they help depict the size and breed of the dog.

Animal Information

Remember to also include any medication/treatment that the animal is currently taking or requires long term.
Please describe the height and materials of your fencing
eg swimming; ball play; quiet walks only
Please select Yes or No. If yes, indicate how the animal is getting out of the property

Animal Behaviour and Habits

Provide details on indoor/outdoor/kennel/on couch etc

Owner Details

Proof of Identity

Please provide a photo of one of the following forms of identification. At least one must show a signature:
Drivers Licence; WWC; Passport; Student Identity document; Centrelink Concession Card; Proof of Age Card

By submitting this surrender form you:

1. Warrant that you are the legal owner of the animal and/or have the authority to surrender the animal.
2. Relinquish all ownership rights of the animal and agree that the animal becomes the property of BARRC.
3 . Understand that rehousing of the animal listed in this surrender form will be completed by BARRC on the basis the animal is deemed suitable for rehousing and that every effort will be made to ensure the animal is provided with this opportunity.
4. Understand that the surrender fee is non refundable.
5. Agree that all information provided is accurate, truthful and correct to the best of your knowledge.
6. Confirm that you are over 18 years of age. I have read, understand and agree to abide by the above surrender terms and conditions.