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Please note that this is NOT an application to adopt. Although we love that our Foster Carers sometimes fall in love with their foster dog, all carers are required to apply through the standard adoption process should they wish to adopt a dog, so we can ensure the best permanent match for both applicant and animal.

Please provide information on length and reason for delay if applicable. Otherwise state 'none'

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If the responsibily of caring for animals is shared with another person(s) within the household, please include their

Your Home

eg colourbond 1800; picket fence 1400; rural ringlock 1200 with farm gate

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Pet Care

Please tell us if you have travel plans or other plans that may impact your availability to foster a dog long term.
Please select which animals you are interested in fostering. (You must select a minimum of one)
While we endeavour to support all volunteer carers to the best of our ability, any assistance carers can provide for foster animals is always greatly appreciated. Please indicate which items you would be willing to provide for your foster dog
eg photographic; administrative; dog training; public speaking
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