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Please provide information on length and reason for delay if applicable. Otherwise state 'none'
Please provide contact details of a friend or family member for microchipping purposes. (Microchips require a second contact option when registering)
If you are considering a puppy, have you considered what he/she will be like when fully grown? (eg exercise level requirement, size etc)

• Do I want a puppy or an adult dog?

• Can I cover all the financial costs of owning a dog, beyond the adoption fee, including food, toys, annual vaccinations; vet checks; monthly flea/worm treatment and possibly pet insurance?

• Do I have time to train and socialise a dog?

• Will I have time to walk and play with a dog (approx 1 hour per day)?

• If renting, can I provide written permission from my landlord to have a dog and what happens if I move?

• Am I ready to take on a 15 year commitment?

Please provide information on your preferred breed/s and any breed you are specifically not interested in adopting.

Your Property

Please provide photographs of your property boundary fencing, shelter and gates. *3 photos are required as a minum for this application to proceed.

Your Current Pets

Please provide Name, Age, Sex, Size/Breed of animal If you have no other animals - simply type N/A
Will this animal be sharing the property with horses/cattle/sheep/chickens?

Pet Care

Please provide detailed information on amount of exercise you can provide for the animal daily/weekly and the type of exercise (eg dog park, beach, bush walks, farming,etc)
Have you considered how to manage unwanted behaviours? Please provide detailed information on how you intend to socialise and train this dog. Dog Club/Training,local dog park, friends and families pets, etc
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