Dog Initial Interview Form

Dog Initial Interview Form

Great News! You would like to adopt from Woodside Animal Centre. We just need to get a few details from you. Please fill in the whole form and we ask that you answer honestly so that we can find the right animal for you. Please note... you cannot adopt an animal on behalf of another person.

A few details about you

Please provide your home address
Please provide your home postcode
Please provide your title
Please provide your preferred title
Please provide you forename
Please provide your surname
Would you like to include a joint applicant?
Please provide a title for the joint applicant
Please provide your preferred title
Please provide the surname of the joint applicant
Please provide the surname of the joint applicant
Please provide your contact telephone number(s)
Please provide your email address

A little about your home

What type of property is your home?
Please describe your home
Please let us know if you own your home or pay rent

If you rent, we will need to see written permission from your landlord.

Please let us know if you have a garden available

How many people live at home?

How many people over 18 years old (including yourself) live in your home?
How many children live in your home?
Please provide the ages of the children in your home
Do children visit your home?
Please provide the ages of any visiting children
Do the children sleep at your home overnight?
Please let us know the frequency of visits
Do you own any other dogs?
Please state gender, age and breed
Are your other dogs fully vaccinated?

(Vaccination cards will need to be seen before re-homing will commence)

Have your existing dogs been neutered?
What other animals do you own?

A little about your lifestyle

Please let us know if you are planning to move house or go on holiday in the next two months
Will the dog have human company all day?
How many hours do you expect to leave the dog alone during a normal day?

Your experience

Have you, as an individual, owned dogs before?
What breeds have you owned previously?
Please let us know what happened to your previous dogs

What happens next

A volunteer working with RSPCA Leicestershire Branch (Woodside Animal Centre) will need to visit you to undertake a home visit.

Do you agree that a volunteer home visitor makes a pre and post home visit (please note that you may be telephoned from a 'withheld number')
Please sign

Please sign

Whilst every care is taken to advise you as the adopter of all the information regarding the animal, we cannot guarantee the animal's behaviour.

All of our dogs are for pet purposes only (unless specified) and they must be able to live indoors (unless specified otherwise) as part of your family.

RSPCA Leicestershire, Peterborough & Branch (Woodside Animal Centre ) operate a reserve policy on it's animals. In the event that you become first reserve on an animal we would like to be able to contact you. If you consent for us to contact you in this situation please provide details of how you would like Woodside to get in touch with you.

(Response required within 48 hours)

The information you have provided on this form will be used by the RSPCA Leicestershire, Peterborough & Rutland Branch (Woodside Animal Centre) for the purposes of facilitating your application to foster or adopt a pet. We respect your privacy and will keep your information safe and secure and will only use it in accordance with our Privacy Policy. We will keep your information on file for one month and may use it to contact you about other available animals which match your requirements, if you are unsuccessful with your initial choice.

A copy of our privacy policy is available upon request or may be viewed on our website at

Our policy applies whether your data is supplied directly to the Leicestershire, Peterborough & Rutland Branch or shared with us by the RSPCA National Society.